Month: June 2011

SEM rules mistakenly enabled again

UPDATE 6/29/2011: If you run sa-update now, it should pick up 1140482 or later and fix this issue.

Due to a bug in the rule auto-promotion system, SEM rules were again mistakenly pushed to the active rules, causing a flood of unexpected DNS queries to this service provider.  A very similar issue happened back in March 2011. Upstream spamassassin needs to make an emergency sa-update rule update to correct this situation. Meanwhile, all spamassassin admins should mitigate this issue by adding the following workaround to their then restarting their spamd.

score T_URIBL_SEM           0
score T_URIBL_SEM_FRESH     0
score T_URIBL_SEM_FRESH_10  0
score T_URIBL_SEM_FRESH_15  0
score T_URIBL_SEM_RED       0

Apache Spamassassin 3.3.2 Released

Today was the official release of Apache Spamassassin 3.3.2. The primary purpose of this minor release is to fix compatibility with perl-5.12+, but numerous other bugs were fixed. I made these RPM’s for EL5 and EL6 that I personally have been using in production for weeks. Fedora 14 and 15 updates should be hitting mirrors shortly.

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